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What Is Compounding?

When the first pharmacists began serving patients, and for many years after, theirs was a very individualized profession. Each prescription was created from the basic ingredients for the particular patient, based on his or her specific circumstances.

In our modern era, what most consumers think of as a pharmacy is actually more similar to a dispensary. The medication you receive is manufactured elsewhere, and the pharmacy simply provides you with the appropriate dosage and quantity as directed by your doctor.

Precision Compounding Pharmacy is modeled after the original pharmacies. Working with your doctor, each prescription we create is compounded specifically for you from the highest quality ingredients, according to your unique needs, using advanced technology and methods. In many ways, we represent the pharmacy of the future, combining state-of-the-art technology with deep expertise to develop individualized solutions for every patient.

Who benefits from compounded prescriptions?

A woman who is experiencing all the side effects of menopause — loss of energy, hot flashes, loss of libido and so on — can take advantage of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy from Precision Compounding to restore balance and alleviate those side effects.

A child who has difficulty swallowing medicine can have a prescription created as a flavored liquid or even as a compounded cream that can be absorbed through the skin.

Someone who is allergic to one or more of the ingredients contained in typical prescription medication can have that same prescription compounded without those ingredients.

A patient who cannot tolerate the “standard” dosage of a particular medication can have a compounded solution created that solves this problem.

Patients suffering from chronic pain may find that a compounded topical pain medication brings them greater relief than they have been able to achieve with other approaches.

Even pets who are reluctant to swallow needed medications can benefit from having that same medication created in a compounded form that is easier for the pet’s owner to administer.

In short, compounding benefits anyone whose unique needs may vary even a little from the “average.”